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Metrology Thermographic cameras with cooled detectors

With two new modular designed models, the range of thermographic cameras with cooled FPA photon detectors is increasing with detectors of different material (MCT, InSb).

A detector with (320 × 256) IR pixels is built into the robust, light alloy housing of the ImageIR® 4300 (244 x 120 x 160 mm3), whereas the format of the ImageIR® 7300 (250 x 120 x 160 mm3) is (640 × 512) IR pixels. In both cases, frame rates of up to 530 Hz are reached with the detectors working in snapshot mode. Thanks to the tried and tested Long-Life-Stirling coolers, these thermographic cameras are also suitable for constant use. The temperature resolution is  0.02 K or 0.025 K.

Application areas are e. g. material testing, thermal optimization, automobile industry and chemical industry.

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