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Components Multifunctional coating for touch displays

DARO is the first permanently anti-reflective and oleophobic coating to the market for use on SCHOTT’s glass CONTURAN. This is the first coating that allows for anti-reflective cover glasses for professional touch displays that are protected against fingerprints and other soiling.
A sol-gel coating technology is used for CONTURAN DARO glass which provides the foundation for applying an oleophobic nanolayer in a chemically strong manner and therefore offers extreme long-term resistance. In mechanical resistance tests this coating has stood up to more than 450,000 cycles, this equates to a lifespan of more than 25 years, even if the coating was to be cleaned 20 times a day.
The main performance features are:
• A coating with a combination of anti-reflective and permanent dirt-repellent properties
• Reduces visual reflections by more than 90%
• Creates an extremely strong surface on touch displays
• Resists more than 450,000 cases of exposure to mechanical friction
• Tested resistance against salt spray fog for more than 100 days
• Chemically inert
• Allows for displays with high contrast even in extremely light environments
• Durability

The multifunctional coating is particularly well suited for use in interactive kiosk systems in public places, casino game consoles, for equipping devices that are used in marine and medical technology or for other technical displays.

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