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Let‘s talk about light

Light is arguably one of the most important things in the universe. For one, there would be no life without light. And it is fascinating to look at the stars, whose light helps us to understand where and what they are. Seeing the wonders of the world is one thing; illuminating them for others is another.

In many ways, light has helped to create a better life for people.

With this best-of-edition issue of articles on photonics, we would like to illuminate you regarding some great ideas and developments for using light, and in particular laser light:

Industrial processes are performed today with the help of diode lasers that enable various material processing applications. Further developments in optical components will lead to higher power and improved beam quality, opening up new application areas. Advanced laser beam shaping is helping to cut glass and other materials more efficiently.

Surfaces with reduced reflection are needed in laser optics for more efficient and compact optical systems. Here, new nano-texturing technology can help to control surface reflectivity. And freeform optical surfaces without rotational symmetry allow new optical design concepts.

Laser vibrometers are used to understand the vibrational behavior of entire vehicle bodies. As a non-contact and non-invasive method for characterizing vibrations, it is well suited for a number of challenging measuring tasks.

Laser technology also supports non-linear microscopic imaging methods, offering higher resolution, sensitivity, and contrast for highly demanding fields such as neuroscience. Using new laser tools, three-dimensional imaging allows researchers a deeper look into the brain.

Non-invasive near-infrared measurements can enhance functional brain studies and may be useful for clinical applications examining neurovascular diseases, traumatic brain injuries, and stroke.

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