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Metrology High resolution spectroradiometer

Based on the CAS 140CT spectroradiometer, the CAS 140CT-HR is optimized for light measurement tasks for particularly narrow band emitters, e.g. laser diodes. Rendering measurement results with high spectral resolution (down to 0.2 nm) and at the same time short testing times, it is perfectly suited for sophisticated measurement tasks in production and laboratory environments.

All CAS 140CT-HR models are offered including a PTB traceable calibration together with a large variety of accessories such as integrating spheres and optical probes for irradiance. They are factory-equipped with a USB interface and optionally available with PCI interface for extended triggering possibility. The integrated density filter wheel and the dark shutter additionally facilitate fully automated measurements over an extremely broad detector signal range.

The spectroradiometers can be operated with Instrument Systems’ SpecWin Pro software for advanced laboratory applications. In addition, they are compatible with DLL and LabVIEW drivers for creating proprietary programs and integration into production equipment.

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