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Image processing High-resolution lenses for 1.1” sensors

The low-weight compact Xenon-Topaz lenses are fitted with a C-mount and are suitable for modern 1.1” CCD and CMOS sensors with 12 megapixels and a pixel size of up to 3.0 µm. The image circle has a 17.6 mm diameter. Xenon-Topaz lenses are available in F2.0/30mm, F2.0/38mm and F2.0/50mm versions. They also exist in versions with motorized iris (P-iris).

The optimized imaging performance for distances from 1 m to infinity makes these lenses ideal for applications in the areas of traffic monitoring, surveillance systems as well as robot and machine vision. Thanks to their robust mechanics, the iris and focus are not sensitive to vibrations. This enables a high and even imaging performance across the entire sensor, even in unfavorable conditions.

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