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Components High-dynamics Hexapod

The new high-dynamics H-860KMAG Hexapod is based on the PIMag Voice Coil magnetic drives. The flexure joints and contact-free magnetic drive principle has neither frictional nor rolling parts for guides and joints. It allows for zero-play positioning without mechanical noise in the drivetrain. The voice coil actuators work silently without wear and have a high service life.
An integrated linear encoder ensures reliable position control and repeatable accuracy. The device consists of extremely stiff carbon fiber parts with low moving masses. It operates at frequencies of >100 Hz for small strokes and achieve velocities of several hundred mm/s and accelerations of up to 4 g. The system has a parallel kinematic structure for six degrees of freedom and offers precise tracking of pre-defined trajectories, sinusoidal curves and freely definable paths with high trajectory accuracy. This also includes a digital controller with open software architecture and Hexapod-specific software.
Typical areas of application include tests from image stabilization algorithms in camera systems or mobile devices where the standards of the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) are taken into account. Moreover, they are also suitable for simulating oscillations. For example in the medical field for the simulation of eye movements, eye tracking, and for simulating any human or artificial movement.

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