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Metrology Advanced pyroelectric detectors

The pyroelectric DLaTGS (deuterated and L-alanine-doped triglycine sulfate) detectors are available in three series: One for users who would like to combine their detectors with their own electronics (LCDT-5000 series); the LCTDT-5100 series is designed for low-frequency applications in the range of 10 to 100 Hz, and the LCDT-5500 type with a low-noise JFET is designed for FTIR applications. All detectors possess thinned-out elements and optionally feature an absorbing black coating with a low thermal mass that offers a wide spectral response at a simultaneously high speed. They are all available with different diameters of their active surfaces and rectangular and square shapes as well. Standard housings include TO-5, TO-66, and TO-37.

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