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Thermal hyperspectral imaging in the LWIR

17.11.2011 - Photonik international /2011 |  [ deutsche Version lesen ]

Hyperspectral imaging has gained importance in biomedical, chemical, industrial, aerospace and defense applications. In this article we see how ultimate performance, LWIR hyperspectral imaging technology is developed towards new capabilities for high-end sectors.

Photonik I/2011
Authors: Hannu Holma, Antti-Jussi Mattila, Aappo Roos, Timo Hyvärinen, Specim, Oulu, Finland; Oliver Weatherbee, SpecTIR LLC, Fairfax, Virginia, USA

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Company Information:

Specim Spectral Imaging Ltd.
Teknologiantie 18A
90590 Oulu

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