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MEMS spectral sensors bring laboratory measurements to field use

Process industry needs new sensor solutions to increase the efficiency of manufacturing processes and quality of products. There is obvious market potential for smaller and cost-effective spectral devices in many industrial measurements. Recently a lot of development has been seen to bring optical measurement solutions for field use, which are von Spectral Engines Oy mehr...


Imaging multiplex Raman spectroscopy with no need for sequential scanning

State-of-the-art spatially resolved Raman spectroscopy so far has had to rely on the time-consuming technique of sequential scanning of the sample under study. However, advanced instrumentation for modern astronomical telescopes has spawned the development of the powerful technique of Integral Field Spectroscopy that enables to collect simultaneously von Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik, innoFSPEC Potsdam mehr...


MEMS mirrors in biomedical applications

Many applications require high-precision optical beam-steering. One solution to achieve this are gimbal-less optical MEMS actuators capable of moving mirrors in two axes. These micromirrors are being used in biomedical imaging applications, for example in OCT. von Mirrorcle Technologies, Inc. mehr...


Dense wavelength multiplexing of high power diode lasers

Wavelength beam combining (WBC), also known as spectral beam combining (SBC), allows for scaling up the power of a laser system in a modular approach, while preserving the beam quality of the combined beam. This paper goes over the basic concepts, and discusses the scaling potential for direct-diode laser systems and the limitations of the technique. von TeraDiode Inc., Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA mehr...


3D X-ray Microscopy: a new high resolution tomographic technology for biological specimens

A new field of 3D X-ray Microscopy (XRM) has emerged bringing dramatic resolution and contrast improvements to X-ray tomographic imaging of biological specimens for correlative studies and hierarchical structure investigations of hard and soft tissue. An X-ray microscope uses an X-ray source rather than a visible light source to view the internal von Carl Zeiss X-ray Microscopy, Inc. mehr...


Deterministic polishing propels precision optics fabrication into the 21st century

While in the past a knowledgeable and skilled expert was essential for high precision optical manufacturing, today modern polishing machines and software offer distinct advantages, resulting in repeatable quality in shorter time. This becomes particularly noticeable when transferring whole manufacturing lines. von Edmund Optics mehr...

Image processing

Design and development of a 28 Gb/s 850 nm Oxide VCSEL

In this technical article, we will present the progress of an 850 nm VCSEL which can meet the VCSEL requirements for 25Gbps to 28Gbps applications where the overall design approach focused not on the fastest possible VCSEL at room temperature, but rather on a reliable VCSEL with optimized performance over a 0°C to 85°C extended temperature range. von Avago Technologies mehr...

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